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The Project:

Our vision for is to showcase women & gender-expansive people of color in the Beats By Girlz community, as well as empower viewers by displaying how people like them are using music, production, and technology to live and work. For the second season, Beats by Girlz wanted to create a series of videos to highlight producers and artists in NYC. We interviewed 5 female and gender-expansive producers on their experiences, challenges and inspirations in creating music, and each artist led 2 tutorials on techniques they use in their music making. The series is sponsored by Paramount.


Featured Artists:

  • JWords (she/her) is a producer, composer and an Afro Latina woman breaking boundaries in black electronic music

  • Dani Murcia (she/they) is a songwriter, producer and educator, creating unique worlds through lush harmonies and haunting melodies

  • Ushka (she/her) is a Sri Lankan born, Thailand raised activist, cultural organizer, and DJ  based in Brooklyn

  • Lamb (she/they) is a musician, composer, choreographer, and director exploring Blackness as the break that might rupture our attachments to Worlds, territories, and Man.

  • Rosana Cabán (she/her) is a Puerto Rican born, Brooklyn-based artist and producer. She uses sound, sculpture and performance as mediums to probe problematic binaries

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