Beats By Girlz is empowering the next generation of women and gender-expansive people through music and technology

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 In the Classroom

 We teach girls, women and gender expansive people to explore music through technology, and technology literacy through music. We provide the guidance, tools and mentorship for them to develop their skill sets and interest in fields where they are highly underrepresented.

 In Communities

 We help groups of people mobilize to create their own regional chapters, while providing resources in the form of teacher trainings, curriculum, hardware and software. Each community has different needs and we adjust to help each individually.

 In the Industry

 We provide a platform for visibility by showcasing talent at our events, creating and developing our own content (, through intentional social media methods, industry partnerships and opportunity placements.


 Beats By Girlz has over 35 chapters worldwide, and we’re growing fast! Find a Chapter, Seasonal Program, or Online Resources near you or get one started.

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2021 Hit Like A Girl



by Beats By Girlz

HLAG + BBG 2021 is the fourth annual global drum programming contest for femme beat makers. Its purpose is to spotlight femme beat makers/producers and encourage women to engage in music technology.​

Congratulations the Champions, Winners and Special Award recipients of Hit Like A Girl X Beat Making Contest!

Special thanks and appreciation to our judges, sponsors, spokesperson, ambassadors, junior ambassadors, staff and directors.

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Listen to all the amazing beat making submissions! Share and support <3

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Congratulations to our winner, Cindy CYRX!

Pink Gradient

"Beats by Girlz has made my dream of producing music professionally seem possible. Before I joined, I was so intimidated. As a young woman, I felt outnumbered and underrepresented in the world of music production. Now that I’m a part of Beats by Girlz, I have access to the tools, the space, and the community I was missing. I feel motivated and inspired to continue to carve out pathways and shatter glass ceilings for other women and girls like me. I feel accepted, celebrated, and most importantly, I feel heard. And that’s all a beat-maker like me could ask for."

- Kallee Bernish-Good  

Student of BBG Columbus

5,000 girls producing music worldwide

Since our first class in 2013 at the LESGC in New York City, we've seen over 2,000% growth, providing mentorship and role support to students and jobs to teaching artists. 



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For 7 years we have run off the support and generosity of our many industry partners, government entities and individual patrons, and in partnership with many other organizations.

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