Valerie Orth

Valerie Orth is a songwriter, producer, singer and guitarist. For over a decade, she’s been touring, writing songs and releasing albums inspired by challenges we’re all up against, both political and personal. In December 2020, Valerie released Rabbit Hole, a timely cinematic alt-pop album that tells stories about alienated humanity and visions of a better tomorrow.

As an educator, Valerie is the NYC chapter co-lead for Beats By Girlz, where she teaches music production to girls, trans, gender-expansive and non-binary youth. Previously, she was a songwriting mentor for the Stuttering Association for Youth and the podcast producer for League of Badass Women. During quarantine, Valerie successfully co-founded Song Camp, a music production and songwriting virtual camp focused on building co-writing, collaboration and communication skills during a time when connecting with each other through the arts is vital. Valerie continues to teach private lessons online to young adults, while working on her next album.

creating music tech curriculum & communities for women & gnc individuals

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