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Shaunna Heckman

Director of Partnerships | Development Support

Shaunna Heckman is a singer, producer, and music technology educator from Duluth, Minnesota. Shaunna has developed and is the sole instructor of the BBG Duluth chapter and is also the Director of Partnerships for the global organization. She has also created field recording curriculum to incorporate into her sessions and is currently working on expanding programming and workshop opportunities in her community.

In addition to teaching, Shaunna’s intent for her latest work is to add atmospheric and ambient elements to film, television, fashion, and brand campaigns to add nuance and an emotional dimension to each production’s set and setting. Her work expands and combines folk, rock, and electropop music. Her sound is an otherworldly and haunting combination of lyrical and melodic spellcasting, electronic rhythm and synths, creating a bewitching and undeniable backdrop for her butter-rich and hypnotic voice. Her work has been compared to artists Agnes Obel, Polica, and Ioanna Gika.

Shaunna seeks out collaborations with inspiring producers to contribute her vocals. She loves working with and learning from influential artists and aspires to be a known female voice in electronic dance music. Her 2016 EP “Spotlight” led her to her first international vocal feature, “Dreams Like You,” with electronic producer Yppah, released in early 2020. Her vocals have also been featured on “Fall” by Felix Snow, and “Outside the Lines,” by Phaeleh. She is currently working on new collaborations as well as crafting her next full length album.

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