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In conjuction with Rumkraft, Rapolitics, Rytmisk Center, public school Ellebjerg, Den Grønne Friskole (The Green Independant School), Albertslund and Urban Grrls. 

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The first Beats By Girlz chapter outside the US!

Beats By Girlz Denmark is the first European chapter outside the US, and has been very well received. The teaching is based on the Ableton Live program, but we use different approaches and programs related to music production.

Projects we have hosted this far include: Produce Or Die! – a three-day challenge, Ableton beginner courses and themed workshops for Jazz Denmark, Urban Grrls and Rapolitics etc. 

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Intermediate Music Production for Women and Gender Minorities

The course is aimed at women, non-binary and trans people who want to learn about and build community around music production. Participants don’t have to be very experienced but they must be ambitious about music. The course will cover all round production techniques (the participants can use Ableton, Logic or another DAW) and a bit about the music business. 

WHERE: Enghavevej 8. København V

WHEN: Thursdays 20 February – 14 May 2020

Max. number of participants is 8

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Intensive Ableton Live course for women, transgender and non-binary people

Get started producing music quickly. You will be taught the program as well as given smaller assignments. There is room for up to six people and you have to bring your own computer with the program on. 

Mondays 13 January – 9 March 2020

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Creative music production for women, transgender and non-binary people

Interpret a poem or picture, put music to a narrative or make a song with your own text. A fun and creative way to learn how to make music on your computer. 

Wednesdays 15 January – 1 April 2020

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Music production for girls, transgender and non-binary aged 10-16

What is it like when you make music on your computer? If you’re curious, Beats By Girlz is the place for you! We have computers with Ableton Live on, so just sign up and show up. The original Beats By Girlz course for children!

Wednesdays 15 January – 1 April 2020

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For all genders between 10-16 year old + one day for girls, non-binary and transgender only.

“Krydsfeltet” is a youth club with music on iPad and DJ’ing, music on computer, soldering of own instruments and an upcoming small sound studio. At the club, young people can develop 2-3 times a week after taking “driving licenses” with our teacher team. Find Krydsfeltet at Den Grønne Friskole at Grækenlandsvej 78 and is open to all young people aged 10-16. A single day is only for girls, non-binary and transgender people, the other two days are for all genders. Krydsfeltet is supported by the Villum Foundation.

Starting 13 January, at Den Grønne Friskole

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Krydsfeltet (danish)  |   Krydsfeltet (english)

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Electronic music-camp for 13-16 year old

Would you like to make your own beats, write songs and perform with others your age? During the winter break (Week 8), Beats By Girlz host an electronic music camp for girls only, not binary and transgender people. Four days of music from 7 p.m. 10 am to 3 pm (and option for free play with the equipment until 5 pm). The last day we will finish with a concert for our family and friends. Come and join! Vinterbeats is supported by the National Arts Foundation and Roskilde Municipality.

17-20 Februar at Roskilde Musiske Skole

For more information: Vinterbeats

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Logic Pro X course for women, non-binary and transgender (beginner and intermediary) 3 hours every Tuesday.

Learn how to use the Logic Pro X music program and get started creating your own music quickly. You will be taught the program as well as getting smaller assignments. There is room for up to four people and you need to bring your own laptop with the software installed.

Tuesdays at 6.30-9.30 PM , from 2 February – 31 March, at Den Grønne Friskole 

For more information: Logic Pro X

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