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Vonna Wolf

While working as the Performing Arts Business Manager at The Kenneth King Center for the Performing Arts,I started pursuing drama and theatre graduating from Community College of Denver Associates of Performing Arts Business Management, University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of the Arts Theatre and a Master of Recording Arts with a pedagogy focus. DJ and specializing in analog and digital controllers. I found a love for composing, practicing, learning, growing, as a creator, storyteller, mask maker, musician and educator. Using my photography on stage and for installations, in MAX for Live bringing my 2d photos to manipulated video tales set to sonic adventures including generative music We can teach thru the power of storytelling and music. Taking part in CU Denver’s iWorks showcase creating an audio visual installation and 5280 Ucube. I am currently a member of the Transmute Society, Transmutant 1.0 of Laura Escude’s Transmute program, where I developed my music rig to be portable, lightweight and tour-able with the ability to educate, collaborate and create with individuals across the world in person or online.

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