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Valeria Rivas

Psychologist, educator, researcher, Illustrator and DJ. Valeria focuses on her job by creating educational and social projects, using psychological applications and new echnologies focused on human and community development. She has dedicated herself to community change, creatively encouraging the development of new methodologies and systematization of social projects in Latin America, promoting the art and processes of education as a mechanism of transformation and positive social impact. She has psychosocial intervention skills and experience working with highly dangerous impoverished communities, providing psychological attention and implementing educational and artistic projects focused to improve the community conditions. She also makes continuous research on how the learning process affects human behavior. In 2017 performed her first approach to the musical production through Today's Future Sound and Una Frecuencia proyects by usign the therapeutic Beatmaking as a tool of change. She has implemented music production workshops with psychological applications in El Salvador and Europe on colleges, schools and communities. Nowadays she is involved in the Muchas Más Beat project in El Salvador as mentor in the musical production, allowing access to training production processes for salvadoran women.

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