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Donna Maya

Maya Consuelo Sternel, a.k.a. Donna Maya, is a Berlin based musician, sound artist and the first female Ableton certified trainer. She plays Theremin, produces music and realizes audio-visual concerts that ranges from underground techno to experimental electronics as can be heard on her latest album "Lost Spaces -> Detroit", released on her label Sound Sister Records. Maya studied audio engineering and made a Master of Arts in Systematic Musicology. To gain more experiences she moved to New York and worked as audio engineer assistant at Unique Recording at Times Square, where she took care of sessions with Run DMC, Easy Mo Bee, Leni Stern and Joe Lynn Turner to name a few. Beside releasing music, writing turntable concerts for philharmonic orchestra and DJ or creating multi-channel compositions, Maya teaches electronic music production at various universities in Germany and Switzerland. She is founder of UPSTART Electronic Music Education, co-founder of the Ableton user group Berlin, runs the BBG chapter in Berlin, is a founding member of of the international network female:pressure and supports many activities to empower and promote women in electronic music.

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