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Beats By Girlz is empowering the next generation of women and gender-expansive people through music and technology

 In the Classroom

 We teach girls, women and gender expansive people to explore music through technology, and technology literacy through music. We provide the guidance, tools and mentorship for them to develop their skill sets and interest in fields where they are highly underrepresented.

 In Communities

 We help groups of people mobilize to create their own regional chapters, while providing resources in the form of teacher trainings, curriculum, hardware and software. Each community has different needs and we adjust to help each individually.

 In the Industry

 We provide a platform for visibility by showcasing talent at our events, creating and developing our own content (, through intentional social media methods, industry partnerships and opportunity placements.


 Beats By Girlz has over 38 chapters worldwide, and we’re growing fast! Find a Chapter, Seasonal Program, or Online Resources near you or get one started.

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