Queer Artists to Bop to This Summer

Updated: Jun 28

In celebration of pride month, we've created your summer playlist, compiled by some of our favorite queer producers



A prodigal presence in the music production world, as well as the queer community. I owe a lot to SOPHIE; her presence in the popular music scene encouraged me to continue pursuing my passion of music production and engineering. Her tragic passing only fortified my desire to be an open advocate for the queer community in today’s music industry. Visibility is incredibly important and I hope to be a positive presence as a non-binary music producer. We thank SOPHIE for her beautiful music, joy and prodigal creativity. We celebrate her incredible career this pride month.

- written by Kurt Cavalheiro (they/them), producer, mixer


Self-described as a sad disco queen, Often’s music is a balm for shadow work, an accompaniment for spells, and a friend to tender hearts. Their sounds, which expand and contract like breath, incite the listener to arrive in the present moment and be with themselves with compassion and patience. Be sure to check out her “morning songs” series on Instagram as a weekly support song space.

-written by Heather Scott (they/them), songwriter, musician, producer