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Pass the Aux: September

This month, our Pass the Aux playlist features some phenomenal music from Latinx artists to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month.

Isla del Encanto - CRYS, Musiko

CRYS is a Cuban-Boricua artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her song “Isla del Encanto”, featuring Latin pop artist Musiko, pays tribute to her experience growing up in Puerto Rico. With bubbly, upbeat production, and catchy melodic hooks, this song is perfect for driving around with the windows down.


life without u - Cameron Jeong

Cameron Jeong is a Hispanic Asian-American woman, based in Phoenix, Arizona. She grew up in a small town bordering Mexico, and has since been heavily influenced by her experience being bicultural and bilingual. Her recent song “life without u” is complete with meditative lyrics and fantasy-like production. With an empowering message, “life without u” emphasizes independence, and the importance of being comfortable in your own energy.


tragedy - Dani Murcia

An artist from our BBG community, Dani Murcia is from Miami, now based in Brooklyn, New York. Her recent album “weight of the world”, released in March 2023, is filled with dreamy vocals, and contemplative lyrics and messages. One of my favorite tracks is “tragedy”. With captivating piano and string arrangements, the words reflect on the end of a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.


Locochona - Cariño, Girl Ultra

Collaborating on this energetic track, we have Cariño, a Spanish pop and rock band, and Girl Ultra, an R&B artist originating from Mexico City. “Locochona” is filled with melodic guitar riffs, a punchy bassline, and upbeat production. The lyrics set the scene for a fun, flirty romance.



Tú Eres Mi Lugar - Sophiv

Sofia Agustina Villalba, known as Sophiv, is a singer-songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her track Tú Eres Mi Lugar contains uplifting production, beautiful melodic lines, and dreamy vocal harmonies. Sophiv strives to connect with her audience through her storytelling and style.


Listen to and follow our Spotify Playlist to hear all these songs, plus other songs from amazing Latinx artists!

Written by Sadie Azersky

Edited by Nan Macmillan

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