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Pass The Aux: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

This month, we're shedding light on incredible tunes from AAPI artists as well as music currently coming out of Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Pair Of You - FIG

FIG is a NYC-based Malaysian artist seeking self-expression through DIY indie pop and R&B. Not only does she write and record her music but she also designs her cover art and directs her own music videos. FIG released her debut album this year "BUD". She mentions, "The meaning of BUD represents a safe space where I can express my thoughts and emotions away from the craziness of life."


Shinju - Mei Semones

Filled with lush arrangements, jazzy guitar lines, and sincere lyrics, Brooklyn-based Mei Semones is challenging the boundaries of what independent music can sound like. She draws inspiration from John Coltrane, The Smashing Pumpkins, Thelonius Monk, and João Gilberto, which all blend seamlessly in her work. Mei writes in Japanese and English, honoring her heritage, as well as her experiences in her day-to-day life.


Cool - Sobs

Sobs is one of Singapore's top indie pop bands at the moment. Reminiscent of eighties' power ballads and pop anthems, Sobs brings a fresh sound to the international indie scene. Frontwoman Celine Autumn has her solo project as well titled "Cayenne", proving her versatility and musical vocabulary.



Floating - Varsha

Boston-based Varsha is an R&B singer-songwriter with Indian influences. She believes in using writing as a way to release her emotions, while spreading awareness of important issues. Varsha seeks to amplify South Asian art and culture while building a socially conscious community.


Reset - Krithi

Krithi is a NYC-based songwriter and producer. She makes music falling under the jazz, electronica, downtempo, ambient and Indian-Western fusion genres. She uses sounds from Carnatic traditions, Tamil folklore, and the Subcontinent. Her work is infectious and hypnotizing, allowing your mind to travel while listening.


Listen to and follow our Spotify Playlist to hear all these songs, plus other amazing tunes from AAPI artists <3

Written by Valeria Orrantia

Edited by Nan Macmillan

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