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Pass the Aux: August

This August, we're featuring music from our Beats By Girlz community of women and gender-expansive artists and producers! Check out these great songs from our very own.

Okongola - Chmba

Chmba is the leader of our chapter in Malawi, and is an incredible producer. She recently released her EP called 'Okongola Caucus.' This song in particular is a summer hit, serving nothing but vibes and a rhythmic pulse that makes you want to dance. Check out more of Chmba's music and learn more about this incredible artist below.


Pi De Limón - ximena

ximena is a Peruvian music producer from Florida, currently living in Boston. She was one of the featured artists at BBG Fest in Boston, and she put on an incredible performance, with enticing movement to match her unique sounds. Pi De Limón feels almost like an indie dubstep song. It is driving and has edges to it, carrying with it an intriguing darkness. ximena shines in her production abilities in this track. Follow her below!

Saachi - DO/DON'T

Mumbai-based artist and producer Saachi is the winner of BBG's Fresh Tracks Contest, winning a Native Instruments software bundle. This track of hers is a wonderful fusion of Jazz and pop, with a touch of indie. There's lush guitar, and her voice effortlessly glides through the melody to complement the song's arrangement. Follow Saachi below to learn more.


Roller Skating - Plunki

Cassie Plunket, AKA Plunki, is BBG LA's chapter leader, and released this summery, vibey track last spring. It's filled with lush synths, a lo-fi beat, and a sensual vocal line atop it all. This song makes me want to pop on my roller skates and cruise down a beach boardwalk. She shows her skills in production and arrangement through this song. Follow Plunki and learn more about her music below.


Viridiana is a non-binary trans woman from Porto Alegre, Brazil. She is a producer, composer and performer who is inspired by Brazilian singer-songrwiter music, but reimagines that world with references from contemporary dance music and retro pop music. 3x4 is a retro, disoc-inspired track, made for dancing. She led a workshop for BBG Porto Alegre in May. Learn more about Viridiana's music below.

Listen to and follow our Spotify Playlist to hear all these songs, plus other songs from our amazing BBG Communnity!

Written by Nan Macmillan

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