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Pass the Aux: August

5 Songs You Won't Wanna Miss

Welcome to Pass the Aux! A new monthly series where we highlight new music created by women and gender expansive people.


1. One More Time - YOUR ANGEL

The angelic choir intro?
The 2000's throwback beat?
Need we say more?

PERFECT FOR: body rolling, being a goddess

FOR FANS OF: Cassie, Nelly Furtado, the Marias

2. Body - 070 Shake, Christine and the Queens

Are we surprised these two made a banger?

PERFECT FOR: bopping your head, late night drives

FOR FANS OF: The Weeknd, Rihanna, Shygirl

3. Afar - Hyd

The spooky, ethereal, Caroline-Polachek-produced song you didn't know you needed this summer.

PERFECT FOR: singing loud, crying cathartically

FOR FANS OF: Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX, Sassy 009

4. When - Deau Eyes

We have a lot to say about artist/producer Deau Eyes, so we wrote a whole article! You can read about Deau Eyes' new album here.

PERFECT FOR: driving on a long desert road, stargazing

FOR FANS OF: HAIM, Angel Olsen, This is the Kit

5. Cure for My Confusion - Kurt Cavalheiro

A hazy, moody anthem for those of us who are prone to overthinking... and those of us who like tasty riffs.

PERFECT FOR: a lazy afternoon, questioning your grip on reality

FOR FANS OF: Men I Trust, Claud, Phantogram

Listen to the Beats By Girlz playlist for more awesome music by women & gender expansive people!

Updated monthly :)

-Written and compiled by Cassie Plunket

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