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Pass The Aux: 30 Songs That Celebrate Latine Artists

Updated: May 2

This April, we focused on our favorite Latine Artists that we know you will love.

Porque Existo - Silvana Estrada

Silvana Estrada is a Mexican singer and songwriter. She grew up around Son Jarocho, choir music, and jazz, with parents whose vocation was instrument repair. With a strong musical background and a deep passion for folklore, Silvana delivers her personal lyrics while honoring a lineage of Mexican tradition. As a Mexican woman myself, I am grateful for Silvana as her songs bring home to wherever I may be.


Madalena - Elis Regina

Elis Regina was a Brazilian singer of Musica Popular Brasileira, Samba, Bossa Nova, and Jazz. With her recording of “Arrastão” from 1965, she became the biggest Brazilian best selling artist after Carmen Miranda, and her second album, “Dois na Bossa” was the first album to sell over a million copies in Brazil. Regina has been an inspiration for thousands of Brazilian and Latin-American artists, and her music continues to be played and studied.

Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 51 - Villano Antillano

From Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Villano Antillano is one not to be missed. Villano Antillano paved her way in Latin Urban music with her distinct rapping style and heavy beats, centering around the LGBTQ+ experience and the joy and struggle of being a transfemme in Puerto Rico.


Riri - Young Miko

Young Miko is unapologetically herself: a woman in Trap that loves other women. She conveys an honest and fun relatability in her lyrics. From Añasco, Puerto Rico, Miko always had a passion for the Urban genre. Young Miko creates space for the Queer community in a genre that has been predominantly male-centered, not only in Puerto Rico but in all of Latin America.


weight of the world - Dani Murcia

Dani Murcia explore themes of grief and loss in her recent self-released album, "weight of the world." A native of Miami, the music Dani offers up on this most recent record is honest, with lush vocal layers and an organic production sense which intuitively fuses the electronic with the natural. Currently living in Brooklyn, she's a member of our BBG community, teaching beat-making classes through the Girls Club for BBG NYC. Congrats, Dani!


Listen to the Pass the Aux playlist on Spotify for even more new music by women & gender expansive artists!

Written and compiled by Valeria Orrantia

Edited by Nan Macmillan

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