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Meet the 2022 'Hit Like a Girl' Beatmaking Contest winners!

The winners of the 2022 HLAG Beatmaking Contest have been announced

This year's Hit Like a Girl Contest went out with a bang! What started in 2011 as a contest for female drummers has turned into a worldwide event with over 200 drummers and beatmakers awarded this year alone in a wide variety of international, regional, weekly and mini contests.

For the past five years we've collaborated with Hit Like a Girl to offer the HLAG Beatmaking Contest. The contest aims to spotlight women & gender nonconforming beatmakers, producers, and finger drummers while encouraging girls, women, and gender expansive people to engage in music technology. This year's contest resulted in several ties and some of the most creative entries to date.

"Often only a fraction of a point separated the winners from each other and other contestants. This is a testament to the rapid growth of our movement and the strong impact our community is making"
- David Levine, Hit Like a Girl Contest

Participants were asked to submit a 1-3 minute track for a chance to win prizes from industry sponsors such as iZotope, Native Instruments, Splice, Melodics, and more. The entries, categorized by <18 and 18+ age groups, were judged by a panel of producers, engineers, artists, composers, sound designers, and past HLAG winners. See the full list of judges here.

This year, participants also had the option to submit to the Melodics + BBG Sample Flip Mini Contest. In order to submit, contestants had to produce a track using a sample created by Beats By Girlz Duluth student Maggie Cartier. Cartier recorded the sample during a BBG Duluth field recording workshop.

Listen to the winning beatmaking entries!

<18 Beatmaking Winners

Champion: Sky Pirkey, Talia Lueking

2nd Place: Reija Williams, Grace Golden

3rd Place: Nora Finnigan

Best Lyrics: Daniela Alcaide

Best Mix: Grace Golden

Best Bop: Nebyula Baca

18+ Beatmaking Winners

Champion: Bradlie Jones, Mariela Quezada

2nd Place: Monica Mayor Escudero

3rd Place: Juanita Pelaez Villa, Galene Ledesma

Best Lyrics: Bradlie Jones

Best Mix: Viv Guilford

Best Bop: Diane Wong

Melodics Sample Flip Winners

<18 1st Place: Nebyula Baca

<18 2nd Place: Talia Lueking, Sky Pirkey

<18 3rd Place: Grace Golden

18+ 1st Place: Rachel Kantrowitz

18+ 2nd Place: PanchaX Beatz

18+ 3rd Place: Bradlie Jones

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