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Beats By Girlz: The Blog

Updated: May 25, 2022

Welcome to the Beats By Girlz Blog! A hub for music production news, tips and features through a femme lens

Beats By Girlz Blog
Photo by Sasha Pedro, from BBG Boston Vocal Processing workshop.

Hello! If you're new here, Beats By Girlz is a decentralized and non-hierarchical global organization whose mission is "empowering the next generation of women and gender-expansive people through music and technology."

We hope this blog can be an online space for femme and nonbinary producers, artists and engineers to share ideas and create community within the music industry. We hope to feature the work of creative individuals who have tech wisdom, innovative beats, or artistic musings to share.

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More info on BBG

Beats By Girlz has 38 chapters worldwide. To find a chapter near you, click here. To stay connected with BBG, you can follow us on our various social media platforms below. For more ways to get involved with our organization, or to start your own chapter, click the button below.

Much love, and see you soon!

The BBG Global Team

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