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Jacqueline Fermin

Jacqueline Fermin is a junior studying Business Communications at Arizona State University. Growing up in the city of Los Angeles, Jacqueline's upbringing was immersed in the rich tapestry of music and entertainment that her hometown is renowned for. With a deep-seated passion for both the business and creative sides of the industry, Jacqueline aspires to make her mark in the music world through marketing and communications.

Her experiences working in the entertainment/fashion industry have equipped her with valuable insights into its inner workings and the power of effective communication. Furthermore, her collaborations with local musicians in Arizona have provided her with a unique perspective on the industry's grassroots, cultivating a deep appreciation for the diverse voices that contribute to its tapestry.

Jacqueline Fermin's unwavering dedication to the music industry is fueled by her belief in its power to unite, inspire, and uplift. As she continues to pave her way in the realm of business communications, she remains committed to championing the universal language of music, ensuring that its message reaches hearts and minds around the world.

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