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Ángela Cortés

Director of Chapter Development | Regional Director - Latin America

Ángela Cortés is a Colombian-Spanish journalist, expert in digital marketing and corporate communication. Born and raised in Bogotá, she has been living in Madrid, Spain for more than a decade, where she has settled down and developed most of her career.

She is Co-Founder and Communications Director of DJP Music School, a music production school based in Madrid. Through the first years at the school, she realized of the difficulties of women to grow in the music industry, thus she started thriving ideas to help solving this issues, and finally founding Her Beats.

Now, she has been leading Her Beats for more than 4 years, an initiative that seeks to generate female references in electronic music through talks, masterclasses and workshops for women in Spain.

She now leads different immersion and visibility projects for women in the music industry and is our Chapter Development Director. Angela is responsible for the development of the Beats By Girlz chapters globally, creating and managing the systems necessary to launch, develop and maintain the organization's chapters in their respective regions.

Angela is also the leader of the Beats By Girlz Madrid chapter.

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