BBG Denver

BBG Denver is housed by Youth On Record and The Bird Seed Collective

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Beats By Girlz Denver!

Visual Music Production Workshop

WHO: girls, women, and gender expansive youth

WHERE:    Globeville Center

                      4496 Grant St.

                   Denver, CO 80216

WHEN: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Wednesdays

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Live Production Workshop

A comprehensive sequential class series providing a solid foundation of Ableton Live + Serato DJ and electronic music production fundamentals.


Everything will be provided on site.


Beats By Girlz Denver, in partnership with BirdSeed Collective present a 9 session workshop


WHO: girls, women, and gender expansive youth

WHERE:   BirdSeed Collective

4496 Grant St.

Denver, CO 80216

WHEN: Wednesday 4:30-6:30 PM, 10/1-12-14


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YouTube: Beats By Girlz Denver Youtube


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New America School Aurora


Re-MixUn was created as part of the Tape Project. Students, faculty, staff, parents were asked to participate. ReMixDeuX was created with songs students like to hear in the Morning.

These songs were then remixed by Vonna Wolf for you to download and enjoy.

Download and Listen:


Students were posed with the question what is your American Dream in 10 words or less. We have students from all over the world sharing in culture and new dreams. Gingee performance on traditional Filipino Instruments and visuals by sick delicious.

For more information on this project, visit: