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Chloe O'Brien

Chloe O’Brien is an alternative rock/pop singer, songwriter, producer, and educator from Queenstown, New Zealand. After moving to Washington State as a teen, she leaned on music throughout her adolescence. Following her studies of songwriting and music business at Berklee College of Music, Chloe has gone on to self release an EP, a full length album and several singles under the monikers Chloe Jane, Neia Jane, and Chloe Echo. With a strong focus on songwriting, she has an ever evolving sound, remaining rooted in alternative rock while exploring other genres such as indie folk, singer songwriter, electronic pop, and dance music.

Now based in Los Angeles, Chloe teaches songwriting, musicianship, and production via private lessons and as an instructor at Point Blank Music School. She is also the chapter co-lead of Beats By Girlz Los Angeles. Chloe has a strong focus on the human aspect of music, using songs as a tool for authentic expression and interpersonal connection.

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