top of page is a 3-day songwriting and production camp presented by Beats By Girlz, created by and for women & gender-expansive creatives.

Fall 2023 - Fort Collins ft. Madame Gandhi

Nov. 3rd - 5th

The Music Disrict - Fort Collins, CO FOCO 2023.png

This fall, is hosted by The Music District, in partnership with Salt Lick Incubator and Bohemian Foundation. will feature award-winning artist and activist Madame Gandhi. This will be a rigorous weekend of songwriting and producing, with a culminating opportunity to pitch your songs to the artist. Applications are now open through September 5th. will give attendees real life experience in: writing for an award winning electronic artist, co-writing and co-producing, networking with women and gender-expansive songwriters and producers, and producing and recording a song at The Music District in Fort Collins, CO. 

What is a songwriting & production camp?

A “camp” is an industry term used for a gathering of professional songwriters and producers where we create songs or content for an artist, band, or music label. At you will have the opportunity to: 1) connect and collaborate with other songwriters and producers, 2) learn new songwriting and production techniques, 3) co-write a new song and pitch it to Madame Gandhi,  4) get feedback from industry professionals on your  new song, 5) watch and learn from Madame Gandhi's production and recording process, and 6) remix a song and showcase it to the group. 

What makes a BBG camp special? is unique because it’s made by and for women and gender-expansive creatives. Songwriting camps and similar industry opportunities are traditionally gate-kept, and can be spaces with little representation from gender minorities. We are creating a Camp where underrepresented voices can shine, and connect with one another in a supportive and empowering environment. This type of creative and professional space allows for songwriters and producers to create without boundaries and have transformational experiences.

Who is Madame Gandhi?

BBG is thrilled to host Madame Gandhi as the featured artist for Fall ‘23. Madame Gandhi is an award-winning artist and activist known for her uplifting, percussive electronic music and positive message about gender liberation and personal power. The combination of her production and songwriting prowess, her passion for social activism, plus her dedication to wellbeing and mental health awareness all come together to make Madame Gandhi an ideal artist for BBG to collaborate with for this camp. 


Madame Gandhi has collaborated with Gap for their “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign, which aimed to celebrate diverse voices and highlight the importance of unity and connection. She has also collaborated with Adidas with performances and speaking engagements centered around promoting women in sports and encouraging female empowerment. She is currently signed with Sony and has toured drumming for artists such as M.I.A., Thievery Corporation, and Kehlani.

To learn more about Madame Gandhi and listen to her music, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

How can I learn more about The Music District and Salt Lick Incubator? will be hosted at The Music District in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Music District is a dynamic gathering hub, workspace, and creative playground for contemporary musicians and members of the Northern Colorado music industry to create, connect, and level up.  Opened in 2016, their campus was specifically designed with the Northern Colorado music community in mind. The Music District features backlined rehearsal rooms, pro gear, production rooms, drop-in workspaces, access to the latest music-making software, and much more. To learn more about The Music District, visit their website and follow their page on Instagram.


Salt Lick Incubator has partnered with BBG to make Fall ‘23 possible. Salt Lick Incubator is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit artist development organization supporting aspiring musicians in the early stages of their creative journeys. The Incubator seeks to help these musicians develop artistically, sustain their well-being, and forge viable careers. They believe participation in a supportive creative community can improve outcomes for an emerging artist. While the artists they help remain responsible for their own success, Salt Lick Incubator offers motivated musicians critical support in key moments. They do this work through video series, grants, and fostering artistic growth through collaborative opportunities for their artists. To learn more about Salt Lick Incubator, visit their website and follow their page on Instagram.


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